IFOTA Awards

2017 Winners

Best of Show

Lynn Ferris, The Critic

Best of Division 1

Barbara Batchelder, Begonias on the Table

Best of 

Division 2 & 3

Helen Dobbins, Woodland Stream

Best of Division 4

  • Scott Anderson, Sabal Palm Root Ball 
  • Carol Pardell, The Kava 
  • Charlene Murray, Spirit of  Kings
  • Julijana Prest, Untitled 1 
  • Leland Williams, Of Hope 
  • Terry Smith,  In the Scrubs 
  • Chris Randle, Preservation 
  • Chuck Tripp,  Digging Doggie
  • Frank Curtis, White Bird in Yankeetown 
  • Jordan Shapot, Dissolving Man
  • M Hakima, Nomad 
  • Michelle Zielecki, Pete's Pier Sunrise

2017 Award Information

Ribbons will be awarded individually on Saturday to allow for display of ribbons on art works. Checks will be distributed by the Committee on Sunday afternoon.

Best of Show $1000
Divisions I-IV
Best of Division $500
Awards of Excellence $250
Awards of Merit $200
Division V
First Place $150 – Second Place $100 – Third Place $75
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2016 Inverness Festival of the Arts

2016 Winners

We congratulate the 2016 Inverness Festival of the Arts winners.

Best of Show

Scott Anderson

Best of Division

  • Best of Division I Diane Becker
  • Best of Division II-III Helen Mathyssen Dobbins
  • Best of Division IV Leland Williams

Awards of Excellence $250

  • Award of Excellence Division I Christine Randle
  • Award of Excellence Division II-III Gary Kuhl
  • Award of Excellence Division IV Charlene Murray
  • Award of Excellence Division IV Rick Austin

Awards of Merit $200

  • Award of Merit Division I Jordan Shapot
  • Award of Merit Division II-III Terry Smith
  • Award of Merit IV Lee Dickey
  • Award of Merit IV R. Gene Gandee

Division V Crafts

  • 1st Place Crafts  $150 Rod and Diane Taylor
  • 2nd Place Crafts $100 Suzanne Fidell-Krongold
  • 3rd Place Crafts $75 Robert Kottman